Must-have resources for Texas rental housing industry professionals

Human Trafficking Related Resources

Human trafficking is widespread in some Texas communities and something managers and owners of Texas apartment communities should be aware of and alert for. TAA has put together these resources to help you and your team raise awareness and learn more about this crisis. Questions regarding materials? Contact and we’ll be happy to assist.

Social Media

Social Visual #1 – Recommended copy: “Slavery is still happening in our world today, but members of the multifamily housing industry have the power to help change that here in Texas. Learn more about what you and your community can do at #CanYouSeeMe #A21″

Social Visual #2 – Recommended copy: “Human trafficking still exists. If you suspect it is happening in your community, report it. Learn how through @A21 or visit #CanYouSeeMe #A21″

Social Visual #3 – Recommended copy: “There are millions of slaves in the world today. I’m standing with @A21 because together, you and I can do something about it. If you suspect it, report it. #CanYouSeeMe #A21″

Additional Resources

Office of the Attorney General:

U.S. Department of Human Services Blue Campaign:

National Human Trafficking hotline: 888/373-7888

If you suspect a resident is being trafficked, report it.

Visit to learn more about how you, your team and your community can help end slavery. Get toolkits, videos and more you can use to engage.

Read our piece “Human trafficking in multifamily communities: Signs and solutions” in the Fall 2020 edition of Texas Apartments for more information and resources you can use in your community.