Learn more about TAA’s REDBOOK event offerings.

Sharpen your knowledge of your legal rights and responsibilities as a rental housing owner or manager by participating in one of the REDBOOK seminars being offered around the state.

Seminars emphasize changes in management practices required by new laws and updates to key regulatory issues that affect property management.

Full of videos and other interactive tools, the 2024 REDBOOK seminar provides the practical instruction you need to help ensure your team is not only aware of the many regulations governing the rental housing industry, but also how best to apply them to your operations.

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At the 2024 Apartment & Rental Housing Legal Seminars, you will

  • Learn about key changes to TAA’s Lease and other critical forms
  • Understand major operational issues, and
  • Learn how legal and regulatory changes will impact you.
  • Interactive tools
  • Ability to ask anonymous questions using technology

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The 2024 REDBOOK Seminar focuses on three critical areas for rental housing professionals:

  1. The Lease and the Leasing Process, including recent Lease changes and TAA’s new Master Lease Addendum
  2. Evictions, including a detailed walk-through of the evictions process, a spotlight on common problem areas, the CARES Act, new legislation regarding preemption of local ordinances, and the appeals process
  3. Operational Issues, including fair housing, emotional support animals, lease termination and habitability

Please contact the local association directly to register for in-person seminars as TAA can not register members for those events. 

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