We work to protect your interests and help the Texas rental housing industry grow.

For 60 years, the Texas Apartment Association has worked with the Texas Legislature and statewide officeholders to foster a positive business climate for the rental housing industry in Texas.

TAA is the only organization that represents all aspects of the rental housing industry with a full-time presence at the Texas state capitol. We also work with state regulatory agencies. Our efforts benefit rental property owners, builders, developers and managers by ensuring our industry’s perspective is considered when new laws or regulations are proposed, amended or repealed.

TAA’s legislative efforts benefit both the rental housing industry and our residents. We work with all housing stakeholders, including state and federal agencies, resident organizations and other advocacy groups to proactively address issues and seek consensus.

TAA has played a key role in:
  • Establishing safety standards for residential rental housing, including smoke detectors, security devices and pool fencing
  • Supporting measures that will increase the supply of affordable housing throughout the state

TAA has had a hand in every legislative measure impacting the relationship between rental housing property owners and their residents. TAA plays an important role in promoting free market legislation that reforms how local jurisdictions administer property taxes, including tax rates, valuations and appeals. We have helped ensure that participation by Texas rental housing property owners in governmental programs that provide financial assistance for rental payments is voluntary rather than mandatory. TAA has also been a leading voice for tort reform and other measures to enhance our state’s civil justice system.

TAA advocacy has helped the Texas rental housing industry remain a premier place to live, work and grow.

The Texas Apartment Association encourages and supports fair housing laws. It is illegal to discriminate in housing because of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin.