TAA’s strategic plan focuses on continued leadership and enhancing value for members.

Over its 60-year history, TAA has set standards for advocacy, education and member services. The organization’s initiatives have delivered innovative solutions to help members succeed in a competitive business environment, enjoy rewarding volunteer opportunities and connect with peers. As a result, TAA has seen consistent growth in several quantitative metrics such as membership, TAA Click & Lease enrollment, PAC contributions and ONE Conference attendance. TAA has also seen consistent growth in more qualitative functions including volunteer leadership, member engagement, advocacy and education. The growth of both these quantitative and qualitative factors has given TAA the fiscal strength and volunteer trust to not only adapt but to also act decisively in service of its members’ interests.

Although these successes have provided a strong foundation for TAA, the strategic planning process undertaken in 2023 demonstrates that more remains to be done. While there are many well deserved accolades for TAA’s accomplishments over the years, the inevitable changes in industry operations, member expectations and generational needs provides a catalyst for how TAA can, and should, do better to serve its members.

The strategic planning process identified six core TAA functions including:

  • TAA Click & Lease
  • Marketing & Communications
  • TAA Local Associations
  • ONE Conference & Expo
  • Leadership Development