Resources for Texas Renters

The Texas Apartment Association promotes high professional standards for the rental housing industry—and that benefits renters, too.

The Texas Apartment Association is the leading association in the state representing rental property owners and operators. Since 1963, we have worked with our members to promote high professional standards, fair legislation and a healthy and competitive rental market that meets the rental housing needs of all Texans.

Our members are rental housing owners, builders, developers, property management firms and companies that supply products or services to rental properties. TAA members must follow the association’s Code of Ethics, and as a membership benefit, they have access to our lease contracts and forms that are regularly updated to comply with state and federal law.

Do you have a problem?

If you are a renter and you have a problem, we want to help you find resources in your area that can assist you. Unfortunately, we are not able to personally answer your questions or reply to inquiries about specific situations.

We’re not qualified to give you legal advice. If you need legal help, we encourage you to check with an attorney or look for legal resources in your area. You might also find answers to your questions on our Helpful Info for Renters page.

Finding help in your area

The Texas Apartment Association has 24 local affiliated apartment associations around the state. Your local association will be most familiar with resources in your area, and can advise you about any complaint process it may have.

Enter your zip code to find the local apartment association in your area.

Enter your zip code to find the local apartment association in your area.