A/C Repair Requests

With record-breaking temperatures across the state this summer, we’re sending a friendly reminder to TAA members to communicate with residents once a repair request is submitted, notably an A/C repair, to ensure they know you take their issue seriously.

We always encourage members to stay up-to-date on the Texas Property Code, and under that code, owners have an obligation to make repairs of conditions that materially affect the health or safety of an ordinary resident. The timeline for a repair begins when a resident makes a written request for repairs, as stated in the TAA lease. The law provides a basic presumption that 7 days is a reasonable time for these repairs. However, the repair length time can depend on how high the temperature is outside, how warm the apartment is inside, and the availability of parts and materials. Residents cannot withhold rent if they feel a repair isn’t being made in time.

If a full repair to the A/C unit is needed and the situation is serious enough to materially affect the health or safety of the ordinary resident and requires additional time to schedule a vendor, a temporary measure such as portable air conditioning may be necessary. If this is the case, please take extra care to communicate with your residents about the temporary measure and keep them updated on the vendor’s timeline.

Please contact your local association with any questions.