Q & A With the 2023 Room to Grow Ambassador, McKenzie O’Brien, Madera Residential

Meet McKenzie

Q: It’s been a few months since you were named the 2023 Ambassador, what has surprised you most so far?

More than ever before, I have been able to leave an impact on so many people. The multi-family industry is not just a job, it’s a career path and being a voice to spread the word has been amazing because people are listening!

Q: You’ve always shared with friends and family about what a great career path that multifamily can be, has your “pitch” changed much since becoming the Ambassador and what do you tell friends about considering multifamily?

Oh yes, I’ve learned that the TAA Education Foundation provides incredible growth and professional development. The impact and influence to aspire, educate, and motivate is immeasurable. There are so many avenues to choose from with specific training. The sky’s the limit!

Q: You’ve been asked to do some big things so far as the Room to Grow Ambassador, video shoots, speak in front of thousands of people, introduce webinars, help raffle off a car, and the list goes on. What have those things taught you about yourself so far?

What I once thought was impossible, became possible. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I have gained personal growth in public speaking, communication, and even storytelling with increased self-confidence . I met another side of me, I never knew existed!

Q: You attended your first One Conference this year. What were some of your favorite moments?

Well, Matthew McConaughey definitely makes the top of the list followed by all of the educational seminars and I can never forget the incredible parties that I was able to attend. It was a little intimidating seeing my face on all of the posters everywhere but it is sure something I’ll never forget.

Q: What did it feel like to have your videos live on social media?

It was a little intimidating because I was everywhere! I felt like a famous person and I almost started giving out my autograph to strangers!

Q: What is something you hope to accomplish by being the 2023 Room to Grow Ambassador?

That everyone knows my name and the incredible industry we have to offer. That we offer professional development, expanded networking, incredible leadership, business growth and continuous learning.  What more can anyone want?


If you know someone who it interested in starting a career in the Texas Rental Housing, help us spread the word that there is Room to Grow!