Updated REDBOOK, seminars bring members practical operational info on Lease 2.0 and new laws


The updated TAA REDBOOK will be available next month from your local association. Check with your local association, or soon on the TAA events calendar, for “REDBOOK” seminars scheduled in your area, or online.

Key takeaways

  • The 2022-2023 Edition of the Texas Apartment Association REDBOOK and REDBOOK Online has been updated along with TAA’s Lease 2.0, as well as with recently passed legislation like the flood disclosure law and the new law offering an option to charge a fee instead of a security deposit. As always, these resources offer practical tips that follow the leasing cycle.
  • The updated REDBOOK is available for purchase from your local association. The REDBOOK Online will also be updated and includes additional bonus copy and new videos. The REDBOOK Online is accessible via subscription or as part of your TAA Click & Lease license.
  • REDBOOK seminars offered by TAA affiliates begin next month and will include practical exercises and video to enrich the learning experience.

The printed edition of the updated Texas Apartment Association REDBOOK, organized to follow the leasing cycle and updated along with TAA’s Lease 2.0, will be available next month from your local association. This indispensable legal guide emphasizes practical information that addresses common issues that arise for property managers.

Members also may opt to access the TAA REDBOOK Online with your TAA Click & Lease subscription or for a modest yearly subscription fee.

The REDBOOK Online is updated in conjunction with the printed book but can also be updated when laws, court cases or circumstances require. The REDBOOK Online follows the same structure as the print edition, and includes bonus content, including videos and some articles, forms and rules not available in the printed book.

Members may also “favorite” frequently used resources in the REDBOOK Online and take advantage of a robust search tool that can search the entire book or focus on particular sections or types of content.

The REDBOOK Online is a mobile-friendly site that offers access to content 24/7, including from mobile devices. Most users of the TAA Click & Lease program have automatic access to the REDBOOK Online, or subscriptions are $50 plus tax per year. Visit for more information.

Content in the REDBOOK and REDBOOK Online is organized in these categories:

  • Application
  • Lease (substantially revised to address the new Lease 2.0)
  • Resident Life & Management Issues
  • Ending the Lease
  • Eviction & Other Remedies
  • Business Practices
  • Physical Plant
  • Statutes & Rules
  • TAA Leases & Addenda

The printed edition also includes an index.

REDBOOK seminars

The REDBOOK seminars that will be offered around the state have also been updated with new legislation, information about Lease 2.0 and other critical topics. In addition, instructors will include practical exercises in each content area, and use additional resources, like video, to enrich the learning experience.

Local associations across the state have scheduled at least one “Apartment and Rental Housing Legal Seminar,” with online offerings from TAA coming soon. Check the events section of the TAA website at in the near future for more details or to register online or check with your local apartment association.

TAA and local associations in Amarillo, Austin, Central Texas, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, Nacogdoches, the Permian Basin, the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and Tyler have seminars scheduled through spring. Contact your local association for more information or visit the events section of the TAA website at in the near future to get all the details. Details for initial events can be viewed here.

Mandatory Continuing Education credits from the Texas Real Estate Commission are pending approval. Five hours of NAAEI continuing education credits will be available. Some seminars sponsored exclusively by local associations may not offer all forms of continuing education credits. Questions about these events? Contact to learn more.

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