Three things to know as the legislative session enters the home stretch


The regular legislative session ends this month, and most of the Texas Apartment Association’s affirmative legislation is still moving through the process.

Key takeaways

  • The regular Texas legislative session ends May 29; if the House and Senate have not agreed on a budget by then, expect a special session.
  • Most of the legislation in the Texas Apartment Association’s affirmative legislative package is still moving through the process. Legislation related to misrepresenting the need for a service animal is not expected to pass this session.
  • A complete Legislative Report will be published on the TAA website next month and in the summer issue of Texas Apartments

The Texas legislative regular session ends on May 29.

Between now and then, the House and Senate need to reach agreement on an approximately $218 billion budget for the next two years. If negotiators fail to find a compromise, expect a special session.

Also between now and May 29, there are several major deadlines. For example, most House bills must pass the House of Representatives by May 12.

Gov. Greg Abbott has until 20 days after the session ends (June 19) to sign bills into law, veto them or let them become law without his signature.

TAA affirmative legislation moving forward

Key industry bills related to limiting class action lawsuits related to water billing disputes (HB 1964/SB 873), setting clear standards for late fees (HB 1821/SB 921) and creating more transparency for proposed city fee increases (SB 737/HB 1557) are all moving through the process.  For the latest status, check out the Legislative Issues page on the TAA website.

Legislation related to making it a misdemeanor to misrepresent the need for an assistance animal got bogged down in the process and will not pass this session.

TAA is also following a number of other industry-related bills, including property tax reform (SB 2), legislation clearly allowing a car to be relocated within a parking lot instead of being towed when a parking lot is restriped (HB 2976), prohibiting cities from enacting linkage fees (HB 1499) and giving residents at least seven days-notice of a proposed rent increase before a lease renewal or notice to move out is required (HB 3363).

A complete Legislative Report will be published in the summer issue of Texas Apartments and on the TAA website.

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