THANKS to our 2022 ONE Conference Committee; secure your booths now for 2023 in Fort Worth!


The 2022 Texas Apartment Association ONE Conference & Expo would not have been possible without our Conference Committee volunteers. We’re giving them a big shout out and looking ahead to 2023.

Key takeaways

  • Nearly 40 Texas Apartment Association ONE Conference Committee volunteers helped make our ONE Conference & Expo in Houston a smashing success.
  • These members helped us identify appropriate education, sell booths and market the conference.
  • Join us in thanking these folks, and mark your calendars for April 19-21, 2023 in Fort Worth for the 2023 TAA ONE Conference & Expo!
  • Welcome Natalie Duke, Reliant and Debbie Wiatrek, Asset Living, as our 2023 ONE Conference co-chairs!
  • Special note for companies that market products and services to the rental housing industry: Secure your exhibit space now for the 2023 TAA Expo. Exhibit space is already almost 70 percent sold out for the 2023 TAA Expo.

We’re putting a king-size bow on the 2022 Texas Apartment Association ONE Conference & Expo, and it’s time to give thanks to the many, many volunteers who helped ensure our record-breaking success.

Simply put, this Conference would not have been possible without the effort and support of our ONE Conference Committee volunteers.

This team of almost 40 members helped identify appropriate educational sessions and speakers, sell booths for the Expo and promote the conference to our members.

Join us in thanking these members for helping us bring you the 2022 ONE Conference this year!

Career Development Subcommittee, chaired by Jodi Spurrell, CAPS, WAK Management
Stephanie Baker, Accolade Property Management, Inc.
Michele Butler, TAM
Brenda Carpenter, MFI-McMahan’s Flooring, Inc.
Jeff Duerstock, Spruce
Amber Franklin, Greystar Real Estate Partners
Sherry Jordan, CPM, LumaCorp, Inc.
Kelley Liserio, NCP, CPO, HomeSpring Residential Services
Velissa Parmer, Mosiac
Karen Rainwater, United Apartment Group
Ginger Smith-Hugo, RCMI
Debbie Sulzer, Francis Property Management
Amanda Zinsmeyer, Allied Orion

Expo Subcommittee, chaired by Cindi Reed, CAS,
Pat Busch, Sherwin-Williams Company
Leah Christian, WeDoTrash
Mike Follis, CAS,
Izzy Garza, CAS, Lowe’s Pro Supply
Sam Levassar, Camp Construction
Matt Lusk, Impact Property Solutions
Dean O’Kelley, CAS, The Liberty Group
Pierre Rouly, Rasa Floors
Charles Stroud, Stroud Consulting Group
Jann Villanueva, Valet Living
Nichole Williams, CAS, Smart Apartment Data

Outreach Subcommittee, chaired by Debbie Andreozzi, The Life Properties
Theresa Ebner, LDG Development
Jackie Cagle, CAS, Rasa Floors
Candy Maxey, Greystar Real Estate Partners
Casey Morgan, Houston Apartment Association
Crystal Moya, NRP
Josh Nichols, Contractors, Inc.
Kin Oldham, Apartment Association of Greater Dallas
Laura Reese-Williams, ALN Apartment Data
Christy Rodriguez, Judwin Properties
Suan Tinsley, Dayrise Residential
Ruha Vorha, CAM, NALP, Veritas Equity Management
Debbie Wiatrek, Asset Living

The co-chairs for the 2023 ONE Conference were announced last month at the close of this year’s Conference. Natalie Duke, Reliant and Debbie Wiatrek, Asset Living, will lead next year’s team in planning another memorable ONE Conference & Expo. Plans are already in motion for TAA’s 2023 ONE Conference & Expo, April 19-21 in Fort Worth.

Put these items on your “to do” list now:

  • If you work in property management: Be sure to include the 2023 ONE Conference & Expo in your professional development budget for 2023. Pricing and schedule details coming in August.
  • If your company offers products or services to rental housing operators: Secure your booth for the 2023 Expo now. The 2023 Expo is already almost 70 percent sold out. Learn more.

See who’s exhibiting.

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  4. Provide the email address of the person who will be responsible for coordinating your exhibit
  5. Enter contact information for the person responsible for your exhibit and click “Continue”
  6. Select the booth that you would like to reserve and click “Continue”
  7. Acknowledge TAA’s Terms & Conditions by digitally signing at the bottom of the page
  8. Complete payment information per TAA’s payment and cancellation policy


Conference registration options include discounts available for companies registering groups of employees. Group discounts range from 5-20 percent, depending on the number of employees in the group, with additional discounts available for registering early. Be sure to include the 2023TAA ONE Conference & Expo in next year’s budget! Schedule and pricing details coming in August.

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