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Texas Rent Relief program: Updated info, tips for applying for assistance


The new Texas Rent Relief program has made process improvements recently, and paid out at least $1.2 million in assistance so far, with requests for assistance totaling almost $512 million. Learn more, and pick up tips for applying for this assistance.

Key takeaways

  • The Texas Rent Relief Program transitioned to a new application process on March 13. This new system allows rental property owners to do bulk uploads.
  • More than 176,000 cases have been opened by renters and rental property owners; more than 61,000 requests for payment have been received, totaling $510.6 million.
  • Through the end of March, the program had paid out $1.2 million in assistance for 219 households.
  • See the suggested tips below for applying for assistance through this program.

The Texas Rent Relief program, using federal funds approved in late 2020, provides rental assistance for both renters and rental property owners.

The program, which is administered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, began accepting applications for assistance February 15. On March 13, the agency transitioned to a new application process with added features to make applying for aid easier. For example, rental property owners can now submit bulk uploads of required documents.

Through the end of March, 176,790 active cases had been set up by renters and rental property owners. Requests for payments had been received by 61,323 completed applications, totaling $510.6 million.

The average rental assistance requested is about $8,300, up from initial requests received. The rental assistance program will cover up to 6 months of back or future rent owed.

TDHCA has added two contract companies to augment its capacity in performing eligibility reviews of applications received. These new companies began working with the agency this week.

To date, the Texas Rent Relief program has paid out $1.2 million in requested assistance, to 219 households. Applications are being reviewed in the order received. Speed of approval depends on responsiveness to submitting any missing documentation to complete the application.

See these tips below from TDHCA:

Tips for Landlords when Applying to the Texas Rent Relief Program

Talk to Your Tenants about the Program

  • An application is processed faster if both tenants and landlords apply to the program.
  • If you have tenants who might be eligible for assistance, let them know you’re open to applying and direct them to for more information.

Prepare to Upload a Lease for Each Tenant Applying

  • Make sure that you upload the whole lease and that the lease is signed by landlord and tenant.
  • Include the tenant’s name in the file name when you save the lease.

Prepare Your Documents for Upload
You will need to upload the following documents:

  • An IRS Form W-9
  • Proof of ownership for each property where you are requesting assistance – proof of mortgage payments or a screenshot of information from your county’s central appraisal district, for example.

If the entity applying as a landlord is different than the one listed on the proof of ownership (for example, a property management firm applying on behalf of an owner), you will need to provide a property management contract or other document that shows the connection between the entity applying and the property owner.

Submit and Be Ready to Be Contacted…

  • Be sure to complete all application steps and hit ‘Submit’! We can’t begin processing the application until you hit ‘Submit’.
  • Be ready to be contacted a few weeks after submitting, in case additional documentation or updates are needed.

Be Ready to Provide Direct Deposit Info

  • Texas Rent Relief payments will be made directly to landlords via direct deposit/ACH.
  • Once your tenant is approved for payment, you will receive an email from requesting payment information – this email is from the Texas Rent Relief program and will be the last step before assistance is provided to you and your tenant!

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