TAA resources put focus on fire safety


As students and other residents look to settle into new homes before school starts, the Texas Apartment Association’s “Stay Safe” fire safety videos can help ensure safety is a focus.

Key takeaways

  • Summer may be winding down, but it’s a busy time in many markets as students and new residents move in before school starts.
  • TAA’s resident-focused fire safety videos are a useful tool to communicate important safety precautions.
  • Resources are available on the TAA website at

Many college students are heading to campus housing this month, and the end of summer is a busy time for most properties as residents look to settle into new homes before school starts.

To help members and residents be better equipped to handle the challenges emergencies can pose, the Texas Apartment Association has two short “Stay Safe” fire safety videos highlighting prevention tips.

The two “Stay Safe” fire safety videos are designed to help residents know what to do in case of an emergency. The videos are available on TAA’s website, and members can share them on their own websites and social media channels to help remind residents of important safety tips.

Other good sources for fire safety tips include the Texas State Fire Marshal’s “Have an Exit Strategy” website and the National Fire Protection Association.

Fire Safety Tips for Students

Fire Prevention Tips for Students

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