TAA Education Foundation shines a light on families in multiFAMILY


The Texas Apartment Association Education Foundation’s new social media campaign, multiFAMILY, highlights those who’ve grown up in the industry and those who are raising up the next generation of multifamily talent.

Key takeaways

  • The Texas Apartment Association Education Foundation’s new multiFAMILY campaign on social media is highlighting family members who work in the industry and have grown up around it.
  • The campaign is part of TAAEF’s mission to attract new talent to the industry and showcase opportunities in rental housing.
  • Meet three of the families highlighted so far in the multiFAMILY campaign. If you have a similar story to share, contact

The Texas Apartment Association Education Foundation’s new campaign, multiFAMILY, tells the stories of those who grew up in the multifamily business—or are raising up the next generation of talent in multifamily. TAAEF is sharing these stories on social media as part of its mission to attract new talent to the industry and showcase opportunities in rental housing.

TAAEF’s focus is on demonstrating how the rental housing industry provides not just jobs but careers. Careers that put food on the table, put kids through college and allow for planning for retirement. So, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing second generation multifamily careers starting.

The campaign kicked off with TAAEF’s own president, Traci Hall, CPM. Traci is the president, West Region, for AMLI and her son, Tanner, is a sales representative with MFI—McMahan’s Flooring, Inc. When asked about following his mom into the multifamily industry, Tanner said, “I grew up watching my mom’s success in the industry. I saw how much she and others enjoyed it. I wanted that same success and enjoyment, and I felt that my personality was a great fit for sales in the multifamily industry.”

Let us introduce you to a few other multiFAMILY families.

It’s no surprise that Dee and Jackie Cagle, who have worked together in the industry for 30 years, now have their twin daughters, Brittney and Courtney, joining them at Rasa Floors. Dee said he still has pictures in his office that the girls drew for him when they came to work to see him.

Courtney had this to say about growing up in the industry: “I’d always hear my parents talk about the industry and association events. I never understood what it all meant and why they loved it so much. Now, I am getting to participate in meetings and events. I see that the industry is like one giant family, and everyone genuinely cares about each other. I am so excited to start filling my parents’ shoes and make my own mark in the industry.”

McKenzie O’Brien, an Assistant Manager with Madera Residential, is thrilled to have followed her mom, Susan O’Brien Garner, Owner of On Point Promotional Team, into the industry.

“Growing up I wanted to be just like my mom. It started wanting to play office, answer phone calls, write on sticky notes and ‘play’ on the computer just like her. It was almost a natural instinct to follow in her footsteps. I now get to say I have been both a Leasing Agent and Assistant Manager, just like her. She has been my biggest blessing and greatest role model.

It’s a strong endorsement that those who’ve watched parents’ or family members’ careers over time choose to follow in their footsteps. TAAEF is proud to be able to share these stories.

If you have multi-generations in multifamily and would like to share your story, please reach out to

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