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TAA Click & Lease releases revised lease forms for new late fees law


Users of the Texas Apartment Association’s Click & Lease program will have access to revised lease forms August 28 in preparation for changes in the state’s late fees law taking effect September 1. In addition, a few other forms and changes have been made in the program to reflect changes in the law.

Users of the Texas Apartment Association’s Click & Lease program received a program update on August 28, in advance of changes made to the state’s late fees law, which take effect September 1. All lease versions in the TAA Click & Lease program have been modified to reflect the requirements of the new law, and other changes have been made as well.

  • Members executing forms or setting up parameters in TAA Click & Lease will be able to set up any configuration changes preferred to comply with the new law and lease form fields beginning today – Wednesday, August 28.
  • TAA’s Lease Contract Renewal form has been discontinued to ensure that it’s not used once the new law takes effect to renew a lease entered into before September 1, 2019.
  • TAA’s Lease Contract Amendment to Add or Change a Roommate During Lease Term includes the new late fee language from the lease. Members should check with their property management software (PMS) provider if they use this form often to make sure their PMS providers are mapping to the new fields.
  • TAA’s Lease Addendum for Concession, Credit or Other Discount is being revised to clarify how concessions are handled under the new late fees law. Note that this form will be released in TAA Click & Lease on Thursday, August 29.
  • As of August 31, any pending e-signature requests for leases originated prior to the revised lease release on August 28 will be disabled. Documents impacted would need to be regenerated/reprinted using the revised lease form.

PMS integration with TAA Click & Lease

  • Regarding changes to the lease, Blue Moon Software, which powers TAA Click & Lease, has been working with PMS integration providers to make sure all are aware of the new law and the changes to the forms, and are ready for implementation on September 1.
  • If you have questions regarding your own particular company processes, please contact your PMS company.

Member resources 
As a reminder, TAA has developed a number of resources to help members understand and comply with the new law, including:

Please contact Glenda Holmes, TAA’s Vice President of Member Services ( with any questions you might have regarding the lease form changes or implementation. Consult your attorney if you have specific questions regarding the new law that are not addressed in TAA’s resources.