Room to Grow with TAA Education Foundation

TAA Education Foundation’s Room to Grow campaign raises awareness about careers in the Texas apartment and rental housing industry through storytelling and sharing how this industry not only provides homes but careers that can change lives.

TAAEF wants to reach those looking for a career now, and those looking in the future, to have multifamily on their radar.  Everyone should know about the diverse opportunities available, including with supplier partners, that there is something in the rental housing industry for everyone.  You can look for a job and find a career!

The campaign hub is the Room to Grow website where users will find information about the rental housing industry, job types, stories from those in the industry, a quiz to help them find their best fit within the industry, links to TAA career center and much more.

COMING SOON:  A resource center to help you make the most of Room to Grow for your recruiting, marketing and training needs!

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