“Lease 2.0” debuts February 16; check out our FAQs and other resources


The Texas Apartment Association’s new Lease 2.0 is available now on TAA Click & Lease and from your local association. Free educational resources, including FAQs and sample forms, are also available now with more coming soon to help familiarize members with these new documents.

Key takeaways

  • The Texas Apartment Association’s revamped “Lease 2.0” and an accompanying new “Community Policies Addendum” is now available on TAA Click & Lease and from your local apartment association.
  • TAA has held three free member webinars on the new Lease and Community Policies Addendum and one special webinar for justices of the peace to familiarize them with this new document. Education opportunities will continue beyond the launch of Lease 2.0.
  • TAA’s Apartment, Residential and Condo/Townhome Leases are included in the mid-February launch. The only variation that will not be updated at this time is the Student Housing Lease.
  • Review our Lease 2.0 FAQs.
  • The expiration date on all current leases has been extended to January 1, 2023 to ensure that all leases executed before the Lease 2.0 release date continue to remain valid. That has happened automatically for TAA Click & Lease users; printed forms users can get forms on-demand from their local association.
  • For other resources to understand the new “Lease 2.0” changes, check out this helpful page.

The debut of the Texas Apartment Association’s significantly revamped and reorganized “Lease 2.0” and new “Community Policies Addendum” is finally here—live on February 16. These tools are designed to work in tandem to offer properties maximum flexibility and customization to meet their needs.

Both the revamped lease and the new community policies addendum have been released to TAA Click & Lease users and printed forms users as of February 16. The expiration date on all current leases has been extended to January 1, 2023 to ensure that all leases before the Lease 2.0 release date continue to remain valid. That occurred automatically for Click & Lease users.

Lease education and training resources available
Educational opportunities for Lease 2.0 began in November and will continue through—and past—the mid-February launch. A variety of educational tools and resources will be available, including short topical videos, a section-by-section video to replace the current lease explainer video, one-pagers and FAQs, and free webinars for various audiences.

Review the Lease 2.0 FAQs.

Find other training resources to assist you here, including:

  • Samples of the “Lease 2.0” apartment and residential leases
  • Sample of the new “Community Policies Addendum”
  • Lease 2.0 FAQs and a one-pager on the new lease
  • Recorded November 18, December 15 and January 27 webinars, along with presentation materials from each
  • An overview of significant “Lease 2.0” changes in the Fall 2021 issue of Texas Apartments, and links to “Lease 2.0” stories from the November, December and January issues of Viewpoints

In addition to training held for members, TAA held a special webinar this month for justices of the peace, to familiarize them with this new document before they see it in their courtrooms. That webinar was hosted by the Justice Court Training Center on February 10.

Lease 2.0 highlights
Lease 2.0 is about 25 percent shorter than the current lease—6 pages instead of 8—and offers the same member protections while providing more flexibility for owners and managers in their community policies. Members can use the new Community Policies Addendum—which includes some language formerly found in the TAA lease—as-is, customize it to include property- or company-specific items, or incorporate language from the addendum into their own community policies.

While TAA traditionally releases lease updates in the January following a legislative session, the TAA Board approved additional time for this release to allow for more communication and education for members and their onsite teams about the upcoming changes.

REDBOOK release, seminars
Because lease information is a critical component, the TAA REDBOOK launch has also been adjusted, and books will be available on March 1. Local associations are scheduling REDBOOK seminars beginning in early March. Check with your local association for more information, and see this related story for more information.

If you have specific questions regarding the rollout or timing of the revised lease, please reach out to

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