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The Texas Apartment Association will be making revisions to its leases in September, to deal with new late fees legislation, and in December, to address other needed changes. Look for new laws to be added to the TAA REDBOOK and REDBOOK Online, and covered in TAA publications.

Key takeaways

  • Revisions to the Texas Apartment Association leases will come out both in September and December. The first changes will deal exclusively with the new late fees law.
  • TAA publications will also address new legislation taking effect in the coming months.
  • Look to the TAA REDBOOK Online and TAA REDBOOK for a more comprehensive detailing of new and amended laws that will affect your operations.

TAA is in the process of updating both lease forms and the REDBOOK. Unlike most years, the lease will be updated in two phases. Prior to September 1, there will be changes to comply with the new late fee law. A second round of changes, available in December, will reflect laws taking effect January 1, as well as other routine changes made in response to member suggestions, public policy issues and updated industry practices.

Likewise, the REDBOOK Online will be updated to reflect laws going into effect on September 1 and both the REDBOOK Online and printed copies of the book will be updated with other needed changes in early 2020.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for legal articles in TAA publications and at TAA will also offer webinars, such as the late fee webinar on August 7, as needed.

Dates for 2020 REDBOOK seminars will also be announced in the near future. Copies of all bills can also be accessed at

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