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Help your residents get counted in the census this month


September 30 is the deadline for participation in the 2020 Census. Find out more about what apartment owners and managers can do to make their residents count.

Key takeaways

  • The 2020 Census provides critical data used to fund federal programs, help determine elected representation, and more. Developers and businesses rely on census data for accurate projections used in their plans.
  • The Texas Apartment Association is a U.S. Census Bureau partner, and we encourage apartment owners and managers to help facilitate a complete and accurate count.
  • TAA has collected resources for apartment communities to use regarding the Census.
  • Have additional questions? Visit our Census FAQ or visit to learn more.

Time is running out for the 2020 Census and you can make a difference.

The deadline for the 2020 Census is September 30 and there are concerns that many renters have not responded. With the pandemic, typical field operations where enumerators would go door-to-door have been disrupted and the rental housing industry is being asked to do our part to help encourage residents to respond online or via text. Participating only takes a couple of minutes.

The Census Bureau has developed materials (check out these on that can be shared with residents via social media, on websites or email.

An accurate census has major implications for federal funding, economic data used by developers and how legislative and Congressional districts are drawn. It has been estimated that undercounting just 100 people could mean a loss of $1.2 million that a community might receive in federal funding over a decade for services like education, transportation and health care. A 1 percent difference statewide could mean the loss of a seat in Congress.

The Texas Apartment Association is a U.S. Census Bureau partner and encourages our members to help in this vital effort.

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