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City Watch: Austin Apartment Association holds housing assistance symposium


The Austin Apartment Association sponsored a housing assistance symposium recently to help members learn more about local programs addressing affordability and homelessness.

Danielle Kriegsman, CAM, ARM, CPM Candidate, Lyndsay Hanes, CAM, CAPS, CPM and Missy Sterns, CAM, CAPS sharing their experience working with HACA, ECHO and Caritas of Austin and helping dispel the many myths and misconceptions about housing assistance programs.

Key takeaways

  • The Austin Apartment Association’s housing assistance symposium featured information on housing choice vouchers and assistance available from local organizations.
  • Staff from more than 20 different properties attended the October 30 event.
  • Local property managers also participated in a panel at the symposium, offering industry perspectives on working with assistance programs.

The Austin Apartment Association sponsored a housing assistance symposium October 30, offering local apartment owners and managers details about the workings of federal housing choice vouchers issued by the Housing Authority City of Austin (HACA), as well as housing assistance programs run by the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) and Caritas of Austin. Staff from more than 20 different properties attended the event.

Presenters included: Lisa Garcia, CME, CMVO, HACA Vice President of Assisted Housing, Bree Williams, LMSW, ECHO Director of Community Housing and Jason Phillips, LMSW, Caritas of Austin Deputy Director, PSH and Integrated Services.

At the event, JP Morgan Chase & Co announced that it will invest $250,000 with ECHO to expand an initiative incentivizing property owners to boost the availability of affordable rental units in Austin.

Several Austin Apartment Association property manager members also participated on a panel at the symposium. Panelists were:

  • Missy Sterns, CAM, CAPS, Regional Asset Manager, LDG Development, LLC
  • Lyndsay Hanes, CAM, CAPS, CPM, Senior Regional Manager and Business Development, Topaz Asset Management
  • Danielle Kriegsman, CAM, ARM, CPM Candidate, Regional Manager, Roscoe Properties

“Apartment industry professionals know that housing assistance programs are successful when partnering with government entities and service organizations that truly understand the various elements of property management involved in the process,” said AAA Executive Vice President Emily Blair, CAE. “HACA, ECHO and Caritas of Austin know what it takes to create a successful housing partnership. The AAA membership is fortunate to be able to work with these organizations and we encourage all rental housing property owners and managers in Austin to explore the opportunity to partner with them.”

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