New measures in place to feed and serve you safely.

Functions involving food service at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center will follow these protocols; similar measures are expected at other venues with food service.

Following are protocols followed by all HBGCC employees and all other employees working in our facility. We will continually work with the Health Department to monitor and update the protocols. 

  • Employees who do not successfully pass the screening process or have had a positive COVID-19 test within the last 10 days will not be allowed to enter the facility unless one of the following applies: 
  • There are no new or worsening symptoms, without a fever for 3 days, and have been at least 10 days since symptoms first appeared as directed by the CDC, 
  • If there are no symptoms, the employee may return to work 10 days from the test date that yielded a positive result, or 
  • Employees with close contact to a known positive, have no symptoms and have not been tested, may work remotely if possible but must quarantine for 10 – 14 days from last date of known exposure. This includes those contacted by Human Resources, Metro Health or have household members who test positive 

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 

  • All Convention Center employees will be required to wear a face covering supplied by the department. 
  • Personal face coverings must be professional and not display any inappropriate wording, images, or logos, and should be safely worn and cleaned regularly. 
  • Face shields and gloves will be provided to staff whose tasks require these items. 
  • Contractor staff will be required to wear face coverings that follow our guidelines. 


  • All staff have been trained on stringent cleaning and hygiene protocols. 
  • Staff have been trained on the manufacturer’s directions and OSHA requirements for safe usage of all EPA certified cleaning products. 
  • Staff have been trained to clean high touch point surfaces in the building and within their work areas to include desks, keyboards, light switches, equipment, door handles, etc. 
  • Staff have been trained on our new technology such as Thermal Imaging Camera for temperature checks and our UV Light Robot to disinfect areas. 
  • Guest Services staff have the latest information on the nearest medical facilities and COVID testing sites and will provide to guests as necessary. 


  • Managers ensure training manuals are updated so that appropriate protocols are in place. 
  • Hand sanitizing and wipe stations are available for staff usage in back-of-house areas.