Get the tools and information you need to make your case

You know you want to attend the TAA Education Conference & Lone Star Expo in Fort Worth in September. Just one problem—convincing your boss. Here are some tips to help you make your case. Also check out our tips to help you experience the Conference, or parts of it, on the cheap.

Have an answer ready when you hear:

  • It’s too expensive. I understand we have to watch our expenses, but it costs us $ every time we lose a resident. I know I can get some great ideas for keeping our residents satisfied, and that will save us money in our operating costs. (Use your company’s own figures for what a resident turnover costs.)
  • We need you here. Of course there’s always plenty to do on our property, but I’ll be able to pack in some great education and visit with lots of potential suppliers, all in (one or two) day(s). While I’m out, X can cover our calls and I’ll be available (by phone, text, email).
  • We only send supervisors/managers/etc. Of course I know you can’t send everyone in the company—but my perspective as a (title) will be different than a (title’s). I’d be happy to (write a debrief, share what I learned in a future staff training session, etc.) to pass on the tips and good information I learn.

Make your case.

  • So many educational options—75 choices are planned—are packed into a compact two-day schedule.
  • The Lone Star Expo offers one-stop, convenient shopping when checking out new supplier partners and looking for new property solutions.
  • Fort Worth is easy to get to and easy to get around—just a short flight or manageable drive from most parts of Texas.
  • One-day registration options and group discounts make the conference even more affordable.