Protecting housing for Texans requires policies that allow rental property owners to maintain their operations and preserve housing availability for Texas renters.

The priority as we look to the future must be for industry, policymakers, non-profit organizations and more to support policies that help people remain in their homes while preserving rental housing availability and affordability.  

TAA supports policies that recognize the roles of both renters and property owners to preserve rental housing availability for all Texans.

The Texas Apartment Association and our members have been working at the local, state and federal levels to advocate for renters. From the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, rental property owners have reacted quickly to help residents in need in countless ways.

TAA members continually look for personalized solutions and ways to contribute to their communities, including raising funds for renters, organizing food drives or school supply drives, volunteering their time and making donations. Rental property owners step up to help fellow Texans across the state in many ways to make a positive impact.

Housing stability matters for all Texans

The Texas Apartment Association supports policies that recognize the roles of both renters and property owners to preserve rental housing availability and affordability in Texas. By partnering together, we can rise to the challenges of today and protect #HousingForTexans now and into the future.


When rent isn’t paid on time, it impacts the ability of owners to meet their obligations. Rent goes toward paying office and maintenance staff, groundskeepers, housekeepers, exterminators, landscapers and other service providers who make apartment homes livable; it also goes toward local taxes that support education and vital community services.


TAA members have worked in countless ways to help residents, including working with them to secure rental assistance; some members have even provided personalized rental solutions to residents in need. These programs not only ensure renters remain housed but they also help alleviate the potential financial burdens associated with accumulating past due rent.

TAA members continue to help our fellow Texans