Questions about eviction

Unless your written lease states otherwise, you must be given three days' notice of an eviction. TAA Lease Contracts allow 24 hours' notice for eviction.

These are the major steps in the eviction process:

  • You'll receive a written notice to vacate from the property management. If your lease is in writing, it may allow this notice to be given just one day before you're asked to move out. If you don't have a written lease or your written lease does not state otherwise, you must be given at least three days notice.
  • The property owner files an eviction lawsuit in justice of the peace court
  • A constable will serve you with lawsuit papers
  • A hearing is held in JP court (shortly after you receive a copy of the lawsuit)
  • If the property owner wins, the constable will evict you, and may peacefully remove your property from your apartment.
  • You have the right to appeal if the eviction is decided in favor of the property owner.