Resources for Renters

More than 6 million Texans rent their homes. Most don't cause problems for the property or the property owner, and most don't have any significant problems with their rental housing or the property owner.

About TAA

The Texas Apartment Association is a not-for-profit statewide trade association representing rental property owners and operators.

  • TAA is not a state agency or regulatory body.
  • TAA does not own or manage rental housing property.
  • TAA members may choose to use TAA's standard leasing forms and related documents. These forms may only be used by TAA members. Samples of some common forms are shown in the "Useful Resources" section on the left of this screen.
  • TAA does not keep rental history records on individuals, nor does it provide locator services.
  • TAA does not investigate or mediate disputes between rental housing owners and residents. We refer all resident complaints to the local apartment association in the area.

What does TAA do for renters?

  • TAA has developed a new Lease Contract Overview video that highlights important information in the lease for residents. Click here to view this resource.
  • The TAA Education Foundation offers Renting 101, a free online program to better educate first-time renters about their rights and responsibilities.
  • TAA communicates regularly with our members about changes in the laws and regulations that govern rental property.
  • TAA provides resources and assistance to ensure that our members are operating effectively, legally and ethically.
  • TAA has been a key proponent of legislation that has increased habitability and security standards for residents of rental housing.
  • Legislation supported by TAA has set the standard for security devices (locks and other items) required in residential rental housing. Texas laws are among the nation's toughest for required security devices and for return of security deposits.
  • TAA has also supported uniform statewide fencing requirements for pool yards at rental properties to improve pool safety and reduce the likelihood of accidental drowning.
  • TAA has also been instrumental in supporting the passage of meaningful tort reform in the state. These reforms have helped keep a lid on operating costs and costs associated with frivolous lawsuits, which can add to the cost of rent.

If you have a problem

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