TAA Education Foundation

Shaping the future of residential property management in Texas

The Texas Apartment Association has long been at the forefront of the rental housing industry. Now the TAA Education Foundation (TAAEF) is helping shape the future of residential property management in Texas.

TAAEF goals

TAAEF is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. To sustain our industry in the 21st Century, TAAEF has identified the following goals:

  1. Cultivate trained talent for the rental housing industry by supporting formalized training in residential property management at all levels, including programs at universities, colleges and community colleges.
  2. Promote careers in and raise awareness of advancement opportunities in the rental housing industry.
  3. Identify and consider funding for industry education and career-oriented resources benefiting rental housing owners and operators. 

How is TAAEF achieving its goals?

  1. Through funding and supporting the nation's first property management degree program offered through a college of business administration
  2. Providing scholarships like the Larry Niemann and Apartment Association of Tarrant County/Jonetta Vise Scholarships to students seeking careers in the multifamily property management field
  3. Hiring its first full-time staff person to focus solely on the work of the Foundation
  4. Assisting working professionals with their ongoing continuing education needs in our rapidly changing industry, and
  5. Exploring and developing new programs benefiting rental housing owners, operators and residents, like the TAAEF Community Partners--Crime Awareness Guide, the Renting 101 online education program for first-time renters and the new "Home Sweet Home: Career Opportunities in the Apartment Industry" video production spotlighting careers in the apartment industry.

Why is the Foundation's work important?

  1. Residential rental properties are a crucial component of total housing in the United States.
  2. In Texas, more than one of three people live in rental housing.
  3. An estimated 75,000 Texans are employed full-time in the rental housing industry today.
  4. The Foundation works to provide education, to foster professionalism and to increase the supply of trained management talent in Texas, home to some of the nation's largest real estate development and management companies.

How can you help the Education Foundation?

  1. First and foremost, the TAA Education Foundation needs your support.
  2. TAAEF is a charitable educational foundation, and your contributions are tax deductible.
  3. Pledge your support now.
  4. Contribute to the George & Carolyn Allen Scholarship Fund.
  5. Learn how you'll benefit from contributing to the Foundation.

TAA Education Foundation Contributors

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Creating Tomorrow's Multifamily Professionals

To learn more about how TAAEF is working to shape the future of our industry, download a free copy of Creating Tomorrow's Multifamily Professionals.